CFN offers over 3000 fueling locations throughout the United States & Canada and continues to expand at a prodigious rate. When you carry a CFN card, you can access quality products at strategically located fueling sites that are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But our service doesn't stop at the pump. CFN offers unsurpassed technology, total fuel management, security controls, even assistance on the road.

 Technological Leader...You set the limits!

 How does technology play a role in fueling? It allows you to run your fleet more efficiently. CFN's progressive technology includes Mag-Stripe cards, Internet capabilities and Windows driven software. You set the limits for your fleet. You determine the time of day and day of the week your drivers fuel. You set the amount of transactions per day to ensure security of fuel consumption.

 Real Time Information...No more waiting!

CFN offers Real Time information through Internet capabilities. With a simple click of the mouse, we can determine where a driver has fueled minutes, even seconds, before. Immediate lock-out of cards is a simple keystroke. No more lag time. Daily reporting is as close as your keyboard. The choice is yours!

Controls With Flexibility...You're in the Driver Seat!

What if you've restricted a driver from fueling after five and you need to extend those hours? Just give your card issuer a call and the profile or card status will be updated before you even hang up the phone. You can even gain access, through your card issuer, to change your profile on-line yourself! There is no need to invalidate the card and wait for a re-issue. The card stays where you need the driver's hand. And the CFN card is the highest quality Mag-stripe available. It is as easy to use as your ATM card. Just swipe it through and fuel!

Total Fuel Management...Get Real!

CFN members offer detailed invoices including card number, driver, date, quantity, type, amount of fuel purchased, even odometer and individual vehicle numbers are available. Do you need that information now? With Real Time information, it's as simple as a phone call or a keystroke.